Can You Swim in Lake Bled, Slovenia?

If you’re about to go discover the beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenia, you are in for a gorgeous discovery! If you wonder if it’s possible to dip in lake Bled for a swim to cool off from that hot summer day… We’ve got you covered ;)

In short…

You can swim to the island at any time! Actually, the shortest distance is about 300m from shore to shore.

The island itself is a stunning venue and a popular destination spot for famous wooden Pletna boats.

Can You Swim In Lake Bled?

In summer it is possible to swim in both Lakes Bohinj & Bled, both of which have lots of “beach” areas to swim and sun bathe from. Water is usually fresh but perfectly OK in both lakes in high summer months.

is Lake Bled Water Clean?

The water in Bled is clean and perfect for a swim during the summer time. For those willing to explore further the beauty of the lake, a good option is to rent a boat, kayak or a stand-up paddle in any of the many rental places of the region.

Is it better to stay in Lake Bled or Ljubljana?

Just not as great a base as Bled. One of the most common mistakes people do is – they try to explore Lake Bled as a day trip from Ljubljana. That gives you very little time and energy for the prettiest part. It’s best to explore Ljubljana as your first stop in Slovenia or on your way out of the country.

Is Lake Bled Worth A Visit?


A minimum of 2 days in the area if you wish to make the most of your time there. That said, you could stay a few more days to use Bled as a base to explore the surrounding areas.