Best Places To Visit In Europe During Summer

Greece: Best for beach-lovers and history buffs   With historic sites spanning four millennia, an incredible coastline, and islands ranging from hedonist holiday hotspots to rural idylls, it’s little wonder that Greece remains one of the best places for summer in Europe.  Sand, sea and sun-lovers will want to read up on the best Greek islands and the best beaches … Read more

What Is So Special About Aix-En-Provence?

Aix-en-Provence is a popular tourist destination due to its slow-paced lifestyle and sultry Provençal charm. Aix-en-Provence, bathed in the sun of its southern climate, reveals its beauty in tree-lined streets and stately squares. Summertime attractions include leafy parks or shaded pavement cafés, as well as balmy evenings that allow you to experience the art of … Read more

The Ultimate Short Stay in Krakow (2023)

Planning a Krakow itinerary is one of the top things to do when you’re mapping out a trip to Poland. This beautiful city is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, and on a trip to Krakow, it is easy to see why. Home to striking medieval architecture, countless incredible historic sites, and so much to … Read more

Is Sicily Expensive To Visit?

Many people wonder if Sicily is expensive when planning a trip to this beautiful Mediterranean island. And how much would a trip to Sicily cost? Knowing the prices in Sicily is important for planning your trip, especially if you’re travelling on a budget. Fortunately, if you’re careful with your money, travelling to Sicily is generally … Read more

Is It Expensive To Live In Madrid?

Spain’s dynamic capital of Madrid is one of the most lively and vibrant cities to visit in all of Europe. Though many visitors only spend a couple of days in the Spanish capital, visiting the main sites like the Prado Museum and the Mercado de San Miguel, others are immediately taken by the energy of the EU’s third-largest city … Read more

Is Cyprus Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Cyprus in 2023

Located in the Southeastern Mediterranean, the island nation of Cyprus has been enticing visitors to its sun-soaked coastline and historic cities for decades. With numerous budget airlines connecting the island to mainland Europe, more and more people are flocking to Cyprus for a warm seaside escape than ever before. And while it might work out to be … Read more

Is Copenhagen Expensive?

Is Copenhagen expensive to visit? If you’re planning to visit this beautiful European city or relocate, you might be curious how expensive it is to eat, stay, live in Copenhagen! While Copenhagen certainly is nowhere among the most affordable cities to visit in Europe, it isn’t actually horrendously expensive. If you plan in advance, are aware of average … Read more

Crete or Corfu: Which Greek Island to Visit?

Choosing to visit Crete or Corfu can be a bit of a challenge, especially when considering that Greece is blessed with as many beautiful islands as it is sunny days! Some are famous for their beauty, some for their history, but some islands are best known for their hospitality. When deciding which islands to visit, … Read more

What is the Canadian equivalent of CVS or Walgreens?

If you are looking for a pharmacy/drugstore in the likes of CVS or Walgreens, you’ll quickly discover Canada doesn’t have the same franchise across the border. Don’t you worry, they have very similar stores, they’re just named differently! Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, London Drugs, Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu are all examples of drugstores.