Is There Uber In Romania?

Yes, there is Uber in 22 cities in Romania.

Uber is available in Suceava, reaching now 22 cities in Romania: Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj, Brașov, Iași, Constanța, Craiova, Galați, Pitești, Ploiești, Oradea, Brăila, Sibiu, Buzău, Bacău, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Alba Iulia, Arad, Târgu Mureș, Baia Mare, Târgoviște, and Suceava.

During the  10th and 13 of November, new users in Suceava can use the discount code HELLOSUCEAVA for 4 discounted UberX rides.

The app connects passengers and drivers in over 70 countries worldwide, in more than 10.000 cities.

As well as in all other Romanian cities, in Suceava Uber cooperates only with fully licensed drivers. Uber is launching in the city with UberX, the most popular service, offering access to affordable and safe trips with just a few minutes of waiting time.