What Are The Best Prepaid SIM Cards For US Travel With Data

If you’re travelling to the United States and don’t have international phone coverage, the option of purchasing a prepaid phone sim card with data is a great option to make sure you get the best usage for browsing, calling and texting!

So are you wondering what the best SIM card for the USA is for your trip? Here’s a guide to what we think are the best-prepaid options on the market and things you need to consider before buying purchasing a SIM card for your USA adventure!

Want a quick answer? – My choice for the best prepaid SIM card for USA travel the T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card with UNLIMITED data.

Best Prepaid SIM Card for USA Comparison

SIM CardDescriptionPrices
T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card
Data: Unlimited
Expiry: 30 days
Calls: Unlimited
SMS: Unlimited
Hotspot Allowed?: Yes (3G Speed)
Canada/Mexico Use: No
Recharagable?: Yes
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Three Prepaid SIM Card
Data: 12GB
Expiry: 30 days
Calls: 3000 min (UK/EU only)
SMS: 3000 (UK/EU only)
Hotspot Allowed?: No
Canada/Mexico Use: No
Recharagable?: Yes
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AT&T Prepaid SIM Card
Data: 22GB
Expiry: 30 days
Calls: Unlimited
SMS: Unlimited
Hotspot Allowed?: No
Canada/Mexico Use: Yes
Recharagable?: Yes
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Orange Holiday World SIM Card
Data: 10GB
Expiry: 14 days
Calls: No
Hotspot Allowed?: Yes
Canada/Mexico Use: Yes
Recharagable?: Yes
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LycaMobile Prepaid SIM Card
Data: 4GB
Expiry: 30 days
Calls: Unlimited
SMS: Unlimited
Hotspot Allowed?: No
Canada/Mexico Use: Calls/Texts Only
Recharagable?: Yes
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Should You Buy a Prepaid SIM for the USA?

Before delving into more details about what we think are some of the best prepaid SIM cards for USA tourists, it’s worth considering a few factors to ensure that making this purchase is right for you.

The first thing you might be wondering is whether you even need to buy a SIM card for the USA. After all, many local carriers around the world claim to have great coverage overseas. Unfortunately for many unsuspecting travellers that believe the marketing of their mobile phone company, they get stuck with a huge phone bill when they return home.

This is because roaming fees are outrageously expensive and while countries in the European Union have abolished roaming fees if you’re visiting from another EU country, they very much still exist in the USA. This means that roaming costs can add a huge unnecessary expense to your trip cost in the USA.

The next factor you need to consider when deciding on which SIM card is right for you is whether or not your phone is unlocked. If you’ve purchased a mobile phone or data plan, then chances are your phone might be locked to a specific carrier. You need to ensure that before you travel overseas, you unlock your phone if you want to use a prepaid SIM card abroad.

In order to unlock your phone, contact your mobile phone carrier and ask what is required. If your contract has expired, then they are typically required to unlock your phone at no extra cost.

If you’re still under contract, then there might be a fee associated with unlocking your phone, however, that might still save you money in the long run – particularly, if you’re going to be in the USA for a while and using roaming. If unlocking your phone isn’t possible then another option is to buy an affordable unlocked phone online and then purchase one of the SIM cards on this list.

The final thing that travellers need to consider when travelling abroad, regardless of whether they’re looking to buy a SIM card for Europe, the USA or any country is if it makes more sense to buy a local SIM when you land rather than a prepaid card before your departure.

Unlike many places in the world, there doesn’t seem to be many airports in the USA where you can buy local SIM cards. This means that if you want data to either use a taxi app to get to your hotel or you are renting a car and want driving directions, you’ll need to have pre-purchased a SIM card.

Furthermore, one of the main reasons why I think tourists should avoid buying a SIM card in the USA travel before they leave is because you don’t want precious time abroad hunting for a mobile phone shop and waiting in line!

The Best Prepaid SIM Card for USA Travel

These are some of the SIM cards for tourists in the USA to ensure you stay connected while exploring this great country!

T-Mobile Prepaid SIM with Unlimited Data

T-Mobile, one of the leading carriers in the USA, offers a number of great prepaid SIM cards for USA travel. The best type of offer that we found is this T-Mobile PrePaid SIM Card with Unlimited Data in the USA.

In addition, travellers are able to take advantage of unlimited calls and texts in the USA.

Credit is valid for up to 30 days and travellers are even allowed to use the SIM as a mobile hotspot, though speeds are restricted to the 3G network only.

If you also require data in Canada & Mexico then choose this similar SIM card which gives 10GB of data in the USA as well as 5GB that can be used in Canada & Mexico. This SIM is also valid for 30 days.

The T-Mobile Prepaid SIM with unlimited data is undoubtedly one of the best options for USA travel available on the market today, particularly if you are a heavy data user and also want the ability to make calls while in the USA.

Please keep in mind that the SIM card must be activated within 90 days of purchase so make sure to purchase within a couple of months of travel only.

Three Prepaid SIM with 12GB Data

Surprisingly, one of the best SIM cards for USA travel is also one we recommend if you’re planning to travel to Europe. The Three Prepaid SIM Card with 12GB data (also available from SimOptions here) is available around the world and offers one of the best deals on SIMs if travelling to the USA. If your phone is eSIM compatible, you can also buy a similar eSIM card here.

While it is operated by a UK-based company, this SIM card can be activated anywhere in the world and you can use the 12GB of data in up to 71 countries including the USA.

This means that if you’re from one of these countries, you can actually test the SIM card before you depart for your trip to give yourself some extra peace of mind.

This SIM card advertises that they offer calls and texts but the fine print reads that these are only available in the UK and Europe so you won’t be able to use them in the USA.

The data is valid for 30 days after activating the card and you can only recharge if you have a UK credit card so this SIM card is also best for travellers that are only going to be in the USA for a short trip. It is also worth noting that you are not able to use this SIM card as a mobile hotspot.

If you are going on a longer trip to the US, it’s possible to purchase a Three SIM Card with 12GB data and 1-year validity here. However, there are no calls or SMS credits available with these SIM cards.

While there are a few limitations of the Three Prepaid SIM Card, it is a great deal if you are only travelling to the USA for a short trip and are looking for a data SIM card for the USA.

AT&T Prepaid SIM Card with 22GB Data

Similarly, to the T-Mobile SIM, one of the USA’s other major phone carriers – AT&T – offers a prepaid SIM card with 22GB data that can be used in the USA, Canada & Mexico.

Unlike the T-Mobile card, AT&T allows the whole data allowance to be used in Canada & Mexico which makes it ideal if you’re not travelling exclusively in the USA. The data in these countries also utilise the 4G network ensuring faster speed.

In addition to the high data allowance, the AT&T Prepaid SIM card with 22GB data provides unlimited texts and calls in the USA, Canada & Mexico with the allowance being valid for 30 days.

One limitation of this SIM card is that you can not use it as a personal hotspot which the T-Mobile SIM card allows. You must also activate it at least 3 days before travelling.

Overall, the AT&T Prepaid SIM card with 22GB data is undoubtedly one of the best SIM cards for USA with data, particularly if you’re also visiting Canada & Mexico and don’t need to use the card as a hotspot. It is, however, not available in all regions.

Orange Holiday World SIM Card with 10GB Data

Another great SIM card option for travelling in the USA, the Orange Holiday World SIM Card includes 10GB of data that can be used across the USA as well as 66 other countries including Canada and Mexico.

The credit on the Orange Holiday World SIM Card is valid for 14 days, however, you can register your SIM card online and then top up your SIM card as needed. This SIM card can also be used as a mobile hotspot and for WiFI tethering.

One of the major drawbacks of this SIM card is that it doesn’t support any calls or texts so it’s best for travellers who are looking purely for data and want the ability to recharge over a longer trip.

It’s worth also noting that this SIM card can in fact be used in essentially every country in the world but there is a sliding scale of data for other places. So for example, they offer 5GB in ‘Zone 2’ countries, 1GB in ‘Zone 3’ countries and 50MB anywhere else in the world.

The Orange Holiday World SIM Card is a great option for travellers not looking for any calls or texts and simply want the ability to use data across devices and be able to recharge easily if they use up their credit.

LycaMobile Prepaid SIM Card with 4GB Data

If you don’t need a large data allowance but plan to text and call a lot while travelling then the LycaMobile Prepaid SIM Card with 4GB data might be the best SIM card for USA travel for you.

Also utilising the T-Mobile network, they offer 4GB of 4G data and unlimited calls and texts to over 65+ countries. It cannot be used as a mobile hotspot.

The LycaMobile Prepaid SIM card shouldn’t be your top choice if you’re primarily concerned about having a large data allowance, however, it is a great option for old-school travellers who prefer to call and text rather than use the internet on their phones!

If you’re on the hunt for the best prepaid SIM for USA travel, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of great options available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a large data allowance or the ability to make unlimited phone calls, there is something available for you!

Are you a tourist looking for a prepaid SIM card for travel in the USA? Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!