8 Mysterious Buried Treasures in Canada Waiting To Be Uncovered

There are 8 unfound treasures unfound in Canada waiting to be discovered.

These estimated worth of these treasures are impossible to estimate their fortune!

If you’re curious to find some of the most important uncovered treasures in Canada, read away!

Barrel of Silver Coins Treasure in Ontario, Canada

A barrel of silver coins is believed to be hidden somewhere underwater in Opinicon Lake, Ontario. There are many variations of the story of how it ended up there, but it’s generally believed that the treasure is still there. This is how the most common version of the story goes:

A huge canoe crossed the lake in 1835, carrying crew members and a barrel of silver coins as pay for employees at Davis’ Rapids and Jones Falls. The barrel, however, went overboard when the boat was pushed sideways by massive waves. Fortunately, the crew members survived by clinging onto the boat, but the barrel sunk. The crew searched day and night for the barrel at the bottom of the lake but it was never found.

Perhaps such a story was an easier pill-to swallow for the workers that had not receive compensation. Till this day, the barrel was never found. Currently, Yankee Silver dollar coins from the 1820s are valued at around $200-$600 CAD a piece, therefore a whole barrel of them could be worth a lot.

Estimated Location of Treasure: 44°33’37.4″N 76°19’25.5″W

Treasure Hunters currently on the Trail?: No

Levi Boone Helm’s Gold Treasure, British Columbia, Canada

Levi Boone Helm was a notorious serial murderer, in the late-nineteenth-century gold rush and moved to the Cariboo gold fields in British Columbia.

Helm and a companion set out for Quesnel Forks in 1862, trailing a man called Sokolosky and two associates who were believed to be carrying about $32,000 CAD in gold. According to the story, after the gold-carrying group of men stopped at Keithley Creek, Helm and his accomplice crept up behind them and shot and killed all three of them.

Library and Archives Canada / Public Domain

They instantly buried the gold and left their victims by the side of the road for fear of being found, then rushed off to Quesnel Forks, hoping to return and get it later. When the bodies were found, however, the locals knew who was to blame.

Helm managed to flee for several months, avoiding capture. After drinking in saloons without paying, he appeared in Victoria, BC in mid-October 1862, where he was ordered by the police to spend a month constructing and repairing the streets. Then, in early 1863, he reappeared and was apprehended in Fraser Canyon, ostensibly on his way to retrieve the gold. Helm was hanged in February 1864 after a secret hearing. The gold, on the other hand, was never recovered.

Estimated Location of Treasure: 52°45’39.2″N 121°23’49.9″W

Treasure Hunters currently on the Trail?: No

Lost Lemon Mine Treasure, Alberta, Canada

It is said that somewhere in south-western Alberta, near Coleman, in the Crowsnest Pass, there is The Lost Lemmon Mine. In that location, there is said to be gold worth millions.

A party of prospectors from Montana travelled to Canada in the 1870s to look for gold along the North Saskatchewan River. Frank Lemon and Blackjack, two of their number, wanted to go at it alone and left the party to explore the southwestern foothills of Alberta.

Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

They couldn’t believe their luck when they arrived at Crownsnest Lake: a towering ledge streaked with gold trails confirmed their suspicions. They fought over whether to start searching for gold right away or return to get more equipment first. Lemon allegedly became so enraged that he killed his sleeping partner with an axe.

Local Stoney Indians were informed of the murder as well as the massive gold discovery, and it is said that a chief put a curse on the region to ensure that no one would ever find he gold. Lemon returned to Montana and told a priest about the murder and the gold mine. After that, Lemon led a group of prospectors to where he thought the gold mine was, but his mental health had deteriorated to the point that he couldn’t remember where it was. No one has ever been able to locate the massive gold mine.

Estimated Location of Treasure: 49°38’55.4″N 114°30’09.5″W

Treasure Hunters currently on the Trail?: No


Lockmasters’ Treasure, Ontario, Canada

The paymasters at Davis, Chaffey’s, and Jones Falls Locks are said to have kept some of the silver from the workers’ pay for “safe keeping.” They buried it near the lock stations, but when they were discovered, they had to escape to the United States. They were never able to return, and the gold is still remaining.

The location of Mr. Davis’ gold became a mystery after he became ill and died unexpectedly. Members of the Davis family, who are still the Davis Lock’s lockmasters, have no idea where the gold is kept. They since have left, and hunters have been speculating for years of where the gold could have been hidden.

Estimated Location of Treasure: 44°33’47.5″N 76°17’28.0″W

Treasure Hunters currently on the Trail?: Yes

Oak Island Treasure, Nova Scotia, Canada

On Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, a famous treasure is said to be hidden. Millions of dollars, Shakespeare’s missing folios, Queen Marie Antoinette of France’s jewels, and even the Holy Grail are said to be buried there, according to legend.

Early settlers said that a pirate dumped his treasure in a sinkhole later called the ‘Money Pit,’ and stories of the island’s treasure date back to the 18th century. The first excavation was made in 1799 by a settler named Daniel McGinnis.

He discovered a stone with a series of cryptic symbols engraved on it that read, “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” The potentially booby-trapped hole filled with water before he could dig any further, and the dig was called off.

Courtesy Oak Island Treasure

Hundreds of treasure hunters have attempted to locate the loot over the years, including well-known figures such as President Franklin D Roosevelt and Hollywood star John Wayne, and even a number of explorers have perished in the process.

McCully/Nova Scotia Archives/Wikimedia Commons

A chilling prophecy claims that seven people must die before the treasure of Oak Island can be discovered. Since the Money Pit opened, there have been 14 documented deaths on the island, according to Blockhouse Investigations records, seven of whom were actively engaged in treasure hunting. 

If we fast-forward to today, there is currently a TV show on the history channel called “The Curse of Oak Island”; where hunters are still digging for the treasure. So far, they have found hand-painted artifacts, bits of gold and coins. The treasure is still at large, but the hunters have proven that a treasure definitely exists nearby.

Estimated Location of Treasure: 44°30’51.1″N 64°17’15.4″W

Treasure Hunters currently on the Trail?: Yes

Jesse James’ Gold, Ontario, Canada

Jesse James, the infamous Wild West outlaw responsible for a series of high-profile robberies in the 19th century, is the subject of legends. The outlaw is believed to have buried a large amount of gold near Mulmur, Ontario, which has never been found.

According to the story James was on the run in 1870 after robbing a Wells Fargo train. With the authorities on his tail, James and his comrades, known as the James-Younger gang, headed north with the loot: a gold cache estimated to be worth $4 million CAD.

Mr Richardson, a man who went by the name of Richardson, arrived in Princeton, Ontario, in the early 1880s and settled into a nearby hotel. When Jesse James was killed two years later and his portrait was splashed across local newspapers, Princeton residents immediately recognized him as the infamous Mr Richardson.

Library of Congress

It’s assumed that James used this fictitious name to elude US authorities. Locals assume James buried the massive gold cache in Mulmur, about two hours north of Princeton, where he was rumoured to have built a home.

Somewhere along the 10th Sideroad between Mansfield and Masonville you will find the farmhouse and if you are lucky, very lucky, you’ll even find Jesse James’ gold.

Estimated Location of Treasure: 44°08’41.6″N 80°02’14.5″W

Treasure Hunters currently on the Trail?: No

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