Are There Volcanoes In Canada?

Yes, actually Canada has 24 volcanoes.

Note that as a scientific organization we provide these listings for informational purposes only, with no international legal or policy implications. Volcanoes will be included on this list if they are within the boundaries of a country, on a shared boundary or area, in a remote territory, or within a maritime Exclusive Economic Zone. Bolded volcanoes have erupted within the past 20 years. Suggestions and data updates are always welcome

Canadian Volcanoes

Alligator LakeYukon (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CredibleVolcanic field
Atlin Volcanic FieldBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CrediblePyroclastic cone(s)
Bridge River ConesBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CredibleVolcanic field
Cayley Volcanic FieldBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CredibleVolcanic field
Cobb SegmentJuan de Fuca Ridge1180 BCESubmarine
Crow LagoonBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CrediblePyroclastic cone
EdzizaBritish Columbia (Canada)950 CEStratovolcano
Endeavour SegmentJuan de Fuca Ridge3490 BCESubmarine
Fort SelkirkYukon (Canada)Unknown – Evidence UncertainVolcanic field
GaribaldiBritish Columbia (Canada)8060 BCEStratovolcano
Garibaldi LakeBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CredibleVolcanic field
Heart PeaksBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence UncertainShield
Hoodoo MountainBritish Columbia (Canada)7050 BCESubglacial
Iskut-Unuk River ConesBritish Columbia (Canada)1800 CEPyroclastic cone(s)
Level MountainBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence UncertainShield
MeagerBritish Columbia (Canada)410 BCEComplex
Milbanke Sound GroupBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CrediblePyroclastic cone(s)
NazkoBritish Columbia (Canada)5220 BCEPyroclastic cone(s)
SilverthroneBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CredibleCaldera
Spectrum RangeBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CredibleShield
Tseax River ConeBritish Columbia (Canada)1690 CEPyroclastic cone
Tuya Volcanic FieldBritish Columbia (Canada)Unknown – Evidence CredibleVolcanic field
Wells Gray-ClearwaterBritish Columbia (Canada)1550 CEVolcanic field
West Valley SegmentJuan de Fuca RidgeUnknown – Unrest / HoloceneSubmarine

How Many Active Volcanoes Are in Canada?

Canada has five potentially active volcanic areas, all of which are located in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory: the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt of southwest British Columbia (the northern extension of the American Cascade Arc) the Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field of east central British Columbia.