Can Angel Numbers mean Something Bad?

If you’ve been seeing Angel Numbers manifested in your life recently you might be wondering what they are and what they mean. Angel numbers a message and guided aid from your guardian angels and the Universe to help you through different situations in your life.

Recently, people all over the world have become fascinated with angel numbers and their meanings. Discovering the various interpretations of each angel number has become increasingly interesting.

Do Angel Numbers Mean Bad News?

Generally speaking, no. Angel Numbers reflect a current situation you’re facing in life and how the angels can help bring clarity, purpose, and support through good and more difficult moments. Angel numbers offer perspective and help you reconnect with what is most important for you in the present and future.

Who Invented Angel Numbers?

The history of the origins of angel numbers is not certain, however, it is believed that they are linked to Pythagoras in the sixth century.

A man by the name of Pythagoras is well known to be a philosopher, mathematician, and teacher who observed that numbers correlated with the universe.

He concluded that numbers could be seen and found anywhere. He noticed that numbers had distinct properties which contained their unique vibration, color, and frequency. It appears that Pythagoras invented numerology. This can be concluded from his studies and experience working with mathematics and astrology.

Who Really Created Angel Numbers?

The Almighty Divine was the true original inventor of all including the angel numbers. Therefore, the question of who invented angel numbers has been fully answered. God who breathed life into every creation that inhabits our beautiful planet innovated numbers into the equation of existence. 

The humans that discovered the language of the divine digits merely cracked the code. But of course, we must also acknowledge their efforts because if it wasn’t for their findings, we would never be aware that these heavenly messages exist.   

Behind every invention, the originator is God himself. This is the gift that we have been given to receive guidance from the angels.  May we all receive the wisdom of numbers.