101 Flirty Text Messages That Will Make Your Crush Blush

Looking for some inspiration for what to text or dm your crush?

Texting flirty things is a great way to keep in touch with your crush and let them know you are thinking about them. If you’re one of those who find calling to be awkward, then the excitement of a single little text can create is unreal chemistry. You’ll find that these flirty texts will make your crush blush like crazy.

If you want to spice things up and text your crush something flirty and cute, we’ve produced a great list that will surely make him/her smile and blush!

Texting or direct messaging your crush a cute flirty message is great for:

  • Saying something flirty you haven’t had the courage to tell them in person yet.
  • It’s a great way to communicate if your crush is far and unreachable in person.
  • It’s a great way to distract them from something less fun they might be dealing with.
  • Let them know you are thinking about them!
  • Plant the seed that you’re interested in them in a specific way
  • Most important of all, you want to make your crush smile and have a great day!
  • Send a flirty text message to a soon-to-be crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, or wife/husband.

When is a good time to send a flirty text/dm message? 

  • Text him/her when you feel the time is right. You aren’t in the middle of a crisis and your partner isn’t about the go for a really important interview.
  • Integrate a cute and flirty text message or direct message while you’re having a fun and light-hearted banter, or in the morning before the start of the day.
  • Send him a flirty message when he/she expects it the least, the element of surprise can bring out the biggest smile.

100 Flirty Texts To Make Your Crush Blush

  1.  I just can’t stop thinking about you.
  2. Good morning. I’m already looking forward to the next time we meet.
  3. Hey there, I missed you in my bed last night.
  4. You were in my dreams last night.
  5. Hey there, I can smell your perfume on my shirt this morning.
  6. The memory of you kissing me is making me melt.
  7. When are you coming over?
  8. You make me blush.
  9.  I can’t get anything done because I keep thinking about you.
  10. I miss looking into your sexy eyes.
  11. Can’t wait for you to get back in town.
  12. I’m dying for you to bite my lips.
  13. Can I come over and join you for a shower?
  14. You look sexier every time I see you.
  15. I had a dream that you and I were having a magical time…
  16. You make me nervous.
  17. I miss running my hands through your hair and neck.
  18. I can’t stop thinking of you in the shower.
  19. I love watching you work out.
  20. The way you smell makes my eyes roll back.
  21. You’re my motivation to get through the day.
  22. Do you remember what you thought the first time you met me?
  23. I want to take your clothes off your back now.
  24. Remember the time we just couldn’t get enough?
  25.  You’re torturing me, when can I see you again?
  26. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about me?
  27.  It feels like something is missing when you’re not over.
  28. Impatiently waiting to see you tonight.
  29. Is there anything you do that isn’t sexy? 
  30. Give me advice on how to stop thinking about you so much.
  31. Good night beautiful. 
  32. What’s your biggest turn-on?
  33.  What would like me to wear for our date?
  34. Good morning, thinking of you makes me smile.
  35. Good night and sweet dreams 😉
  36. I’m genuinely nervous just thinking about you. 
  37. You make me feel like I’m walking on a cloud.
  38.  I’m dreaming that you’re undressing me right now.
  39. If I worked with you, I would be fired for not concentrating on anything but you.
  40.  Hey good looking, you make me want to pack my bags and go on an exciting vacation together.
  41. You’re the kind of troublemaker I like.
  42.  I want to bite you now.
  43. All I do is think of you without clothes on.
  44.  Where have you been all my life?
  45. Is there something you’d be willing to try for me?
  46. My mind is saying no, but my body is saying yes.
  47. Can’t stop thinking about what you’re up to today. Hope you’re having a good day.
  48.  Hey stranger, it’s been a while and I miss you.
  49. I would let you do anything to me right now.
  50. I love feeling the warmth of your body on mine.
  51. You are intoxicating.
  52.  I would really like to include you in my plans this weekend.
  53. What’s your favorite outfit of mine?
  54.  Not being able to be with you right now is painful.
  55. If I was there, I’d jump you.
  56.  I love smelling your shirt when you’re away.
  57.  Tell me something you haven’t been ready to admit yet.
  58. Your lips are the juiciest.
  59.  Just so you know, I have a crush on you.
  60.  I miss you right now.
  61. I want you to push me on the bed.
  62.  I’m trying to not think about you but it’s impossible.
  63. One drink and I will lose control with you.
  64.  I don’t know how you feel about me, but I find you irresistible.
  65. Last night was absolutely insane.
  66.  I can only say, I wish I met you sooner.
  67. I’ll let you have ‘carte blanche’ tonight.
  68.  I refuse to share you with anyone.
  69. I want you to tease me, badly.
  70. What do you think about some alone time together tonight? 
  71. Your smile makes me weak.
  72.  Your body is incredible.
  73. God spent a lot of time on you.
  74.  Have you ever had a dirty dream about me?
  75. I want to kiss you badly.
  76. You really intimidate me.
  77. What do you have in mind for the next time we meet?
  78.  When I’m around you, I cannot be productive.
  79. I’m addicted to you.
  80.  I have to confess, I can’t get enough of you.
  81. What’s your fantasy right now?
  82.  Hey there, If you’re having a rough day come over later.
  83. After last night, I’m on cloud nine.
  84. Hearing your voice makes me want to jump your bones. 
  85. Not being able to see you for a few days is torture.
  86.  You’re my dirty little secret.
  87. I wish you would appear at my front door.
  88.  You’re so hot that you make the room sweat.
  89. I have a special surprise for you tonight.
  90.  You make me really impatient.
  91. You’re too hot to handle, honestly.
  92.   I really miss you.
  93. When I see you I get butterflies.
  94.  If I were with you right now, what would you do to me?
  95. You make me better. Thanks for being awesome.
  96.  Cuddling with you is my favorite thing.
  97.  When I’m with you I lose my cool.
  98. I can’t fall asleep and I blame you for it.
  99. If you send me a sexy selfie, I might send you one back.
  100. Just so you know, my mind is constantly thinking of all the dirty things I want to do with you.
  101. Let’s trade secrets. I go first.

What are the best ways to make our crush feel special?

If you’re interested in building a stronger bond with your crush, letting them know you’re thinking about them and supporting them is a great way to show affection and support.

Encourage them on something they are undertaking, support them through something challenging and compliment them on things they are achieving.

What should I say to my crush?

Find cute and funny things to say to your crush without being too direct about how you feel about him/her. Give them a chance to get to know you as a person and see your playful side.

Closing Thoughts

When you’ve got a crush and just can’t be with them at the moment, texting them a flirty and sexy message is a great way to stay in touch and let them know you’re thinking about them.

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Pro tip: Make sure you send the text to the right person, you wouldn’t want your mom or dad to get one of these by mistake.