Is Dubrovnik Expensive?

When in Dubrovnik, you can expect to spend around €70-€230 a day during a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. The low end takes into account those staying in a hostel, pretty much eating street food and doing the bare minimum of paid-for activities and entertainment. The higher end is for those staying in higher-end hotels, doing about an … Read more

Is Egypt Safe For Women? Safety Tips For Female Travelers 

Egypt is actually pretty safe in my experience. Safe, in this context, meaning safe from physical assault, not necessarily safe from stares, harassment, and never-ending catcalls . The truth is Egypt is the most tiring place I’ve ever traveled as a woman, both in a group and solo. Does that mean I think women shouldn’t go? Absolutely not! … Read more

Quiet Places To Stay In Ibiza, Spain

We know what you’re thinking—quiet places in Ibiza? That can’t be right. But believe it or not, you can still find parts of the island where you won’t come across thumping music. Ibiza is so much more than its party scene, and if you look past the super-clubs, you’ll come across culture, history, delicious cuisine … Read more

Is There Uber In Ibiza In 2023?

Wondering If There Is Uber In Ibiza In 2023? Unfortunately, there’s no Uber in Ibiza in 2023.  While that might change in the future, you can read this article for a complete guide to taking taxis in Ibiza and how to get around the Island without Uber!   Short On Time? While you can’t take Uber from … Read more

How Do You Get Around In Mallorca? Complete Guide

  Mallorca offers a variety of transport options, both public and rental, to get around the island easily, comfortably, and affordably. 5 Best Options To Get Around Mallorca Without A Car  In all probability, you’ll be arriving in Mallorca without your car. Even if you travel by boat, it’s often not worth bringing your own … Read more

Is There Uber In Romania?

Yes, there is Uber in 22 cities in Romania. Uber is available in Suceava, reaching now 22 cities in Romania: Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj, Brașov, Iași, Constanța, Craiova, Galați, Pitești, Ploiești, Oradea, Brăila, Sibiu, Buzău, Bacău, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Alba Iulia, Arad, Târgu Mureș, Baia Mare, Târgoviște, and Suceava. During the  10th and 13 of November, new … Read more

Is There Uber In Portugal?

All about using Uber in Portugal Want to find out how Uber works in Portugal? We also compare it to other on demand services to see which is cheaper and better. But first, a little background information. Is Uber legal in Portugal? Uber is legal in Portugal although that wasn’t the case until recently as … Read more

Is There Uber In Germany?

Public transport. No, seriously, the role that Uber/Lyft play in the US is filled by public transport in Germany. The only reason Uber/Lyft is needed in the US is because their public transport is (usually) terrible. We don’t need Uber/Lyft in Germany, as we have public transport – and for the few times when you … Read more

Is There Uber In Vienna, Austria?

At midnight on Thursday, July 25, Uber ceased all operations in Vienna. A new law in early July reclassified the ride-sharing app operator as a taxi service by applying the same rules to all drivers and companies active in Austria. A petition launched by Uber in late June had gathered more than 40,000 signatures against the law, … Read more

Is There Uber In Copenhagen? 2023

Copenhagen is known for being an amazing city to visit. In the modern world, Uber is one of the best and most convenient ways to get around. It’s used worldwide, but is there Uber in Copenhagen? This is a question I had too before I visited Copenhagen. I was surprised by the answer, and I created … Read more