Can You Drink Tap Water in Spain?

The simple answer is yes, your drink Spanish tap water! Spanish tap water is considered to be 99.5% safe to drink, however, the taste can somewhat vary depending on the region. In terms of quality, there is no scientific proof that bottled mineral water is any better or safer than tap water and so, for … Read more

Does Italy Have Uber? Ultimate Guide To Transport In Italy

Yes, Italy does have Uber but not in the way that travellers expect; however you can’t get an Uber everywhere in the country. Italian authorities have also decided that Uber creates unfair competition which may adversely affect the livelihood of regular taxi drivers. Travelling to Italy any time soon? Here’s everything you need to know … Read more

Best Time to Visit Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are a popular tourist destination but it’s also a great place for locals to unwind and take in the beauty of nature. So, are you planning on visiting the Smoky Mountains on your next holiday? Then let’s not waste any more time. It’s time to discuss the best time to visit this … Read more

Is Las Vegas Bike Friendly?

Bike safety is important, especially when riding your bike in Las Vegas. Here are some considerations to have if you plan to bike your way around parts of Las Vegas. Cycling in Las Vegas is Growing in Popularity Cycling is becoming increasingly popular throughout the Valley, Las Vegas does not have the best track record … Read more

If you find treasure in Canada can you keep it?

The answer is generally no. According to Parks Canada, Most provincial statutes treat archaeological discoveries as being of such significance that they deserve to belong in the public domain: they declare that archaeological finds will not belong to the landowner or the finder, but rather to the provincial Crown.

Can I Swim In Lake Lugano (Lago di Lugano)?

Swimming in Lake Lugano Lake Lugano has beaches and open areas on the shore, however, the water is pretty chilly, year-round. That being said, yes, you can totally swim in Lake Lugano. Lake Lugano is a popular destination for swimming, and there are many designated swimming areas around the lake. The water temperature and weather … Read more

Do people speak English in Montreal?

Although of French origin, many more Montrealers speak English. Several hundred thousand Montrealers who’s mother tongue is English, the majority of Montrealers have a working knowledge of English. I grew up in the West-Island of Montreal, which back in the day was predominantly english (my neighbourhood was well over 90% english). However, after the Anglo … Read more

8 Mysterious Buried Treasures in Canada Waiting To Be Uncovered

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Where Can You Swim Near Montreal?

There are several options for swimming near the island Montreal! If you’re seeking to cool offer from the summer heat and go take a dip or for a swim, keep reading…. Public Pool Options Near Downtown, Montreal There are several pools in and around Montreal, both indoor and outdoor. Here are a few options: Beach … Read more