How Can I See Angel Numbers?


Angel Numbers Are Everywhere

If you’re wondering how you can see angel numbers or if the angels are communicating with you… Then the answer is you can see them everywhere and the angels try to connect with every one of us. Whether you’re at the grocery store, paying for parking, or looking at the price of the new couch you want to get; Angel numbers manifest themselves in your life everyday!

What does it mean if I see the same number over and over again?

If you’re noticing a number or series of numbers are manifesting themselves in your life repeatedly, there’s a chance it isn’t a coincidence. That means, start paying attention – the angels are trying to communicate helpful insight!

Suppose you’re noticing day after day that you notice 11:11 on your phone and by chance look at it at the same time every day. Then, you notice your parking meter charges you 11.11$ for a day? Would you consider that a coincidence? Perhaps, but what if you did a little digging to discover what Angel Number 11:11 means...

How to Decode Angel Numbers

If you’re wondering what the number you’re seeing means, we have a comprehensive guide!
Check it out here: The Ultimate Angel Number Guide

The best way to decode the meaning of Angel Numbers is to understand what attributes each Angel Number has. Each Angel Number has a variety of meanings specific to a situation one could be encountering in life. Based on the attributes and energy the number carries, you can connect the Angel Number attributes to your current life path.

Where do Angel Numbers come from?

It all starts with the study and science of the cosmos and stars. From our point of view, that means the sun rises and sets through a series of different constellations, depending on where we are in our orbit (and what month it is). Say, for example, it’s September.

The sun sits between Earth and the stars that make up the constellation Virgo, so from our point of view, as our planet rotates, the sun moves across the sky in front of Virgo. Opposite us is Pisces, and that means the same thing appears to happen through Pisces six months later. NASA describes another way of looking at it. If, at any given time, you were to draw a straight line from Earth right through the sun, the constellation the line hits next is that moment’s zodiac. That’s the astrological belief, but astronomy is at odds with it… and we’ll look at why in a minute.

Confusing, right? It’s all pretty abstract, and it’s basically an optical illusion based on the movement of our own planet, the sun, and the position of the stars in the sky. That’s actually an incredibly simplified version of what’s going on, and if you really, really want to get a good understanding of how it all works, we suggest taking a few pieces of fruit and laying out a map on your kitchen table. A visual aid is hugely helpful in something like this, as it’s tough to imagine the sheer scale of what’s going on around us.

Over the centuries, the constellations of the zodiac haven’t just been tied to astrology, but to navigation and cartography, too. Since our planet revolves around the sun on the same plane over and over again relative to the rest of the universe, that means the constellations along that orbit (the ecliptic) remain fairly stable, and that’s defined the center of the zodiac.

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