Inspiring Action Affirmations That Will Boost Motivation Today

Action Affirmations

I have a lot on my plate as a wife and mother, but also nurture lofty goals and career aspirations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged if I don’t keep my mind right. Daily action affirmations help me stay focused and empowered to achieve everything on my list.

If you’re a busy woman or mom like me, this extra encouragement can go a long way to help you tackle your hopes and dreams, too.

What’s an Affirmation?

For those not familiar with affirmations, they are positive and affirming statements that you repeat to yourself to overcome self-doubt or sabotage and that help form a mental picture of the outcomes we want for ourselves.

You can use affirmations daily or in preparation for specific tasks like a presentation for work, a sporting event, to overcome unhealthy habits or anything else you need extra encouragement to accomplish.

Do Affirmations work?

Affirmations are backed by science and positive psychology. Our brain’s neuroplasticity plays a role in how affirmations work. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change to new stimuli and new life circumstances.

When you form a mental image of yourself completing a new task or accomplishing a goal, this activates some of the same areas of the brain that actually experiencing these things would do.

So, what you think can become your reality, just like the saying, “What you think is what you become”.


If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know I use the sticky-note method to keep these affirmations in view every day. It’s nothing fancy or expensive, but it gets the job done! You can focus on and repeat daily affirmations for any aspect of your life whether it be to improve your self-esteem, reach financial goals or even just to start your morning off on the right foot.

Today, I am sharing 55 Action Affirmations you need to get things done, today!

Each of these positive mantras will keep you moving forward, despite supposed obstacles or self-doubt.

Inspiring Action Affirmations That Will Boost Your Motivation

  1. I put action behind my goals every single day.
  2. I have a fierce commitment to my goals which moves me forward
  3. I prioritize progress above perfection
  4. I take daily action toward my ideal life
  5. I am energized by my positive actions and thoughts
  6. I move past doubt and take action when a new idea comes to me
  7. I am motivated by self-love to act on my beliefs
  8. I never break a promise to myself
  9. I give myself permission to try and fail and try again
  10. I overcome distractions to my progress
  11. I am committed and focused
  12. I give myself permission to take tiny actions towards my goals
  13. I will stay the course despite setbacks
  14. I embrace even the smallest action towards my goals
  15. I have enough time to do the things I need each day
  16. I will seize the moment when opportunities come
  17. I think it, I do it, I achieve it 
  18. I step towards new things with confidence
  19. I am in control of my life
  20. I persist against resistance
  21. I am a do-er
  22. My actions reflect my intentions
  23. I have enough courage to follow my dreams
  24. I take actions that support my goals
  25. I act each day with a plan, purpose and passion
  26. I am where I need to be
  27. Done is better than perfect
  28. I act with purpose and make things happen
  29. There is no such thing as failure, only learning
  30. I embrace mistakes as learning opportunities
  31. I will act today, as if I am the person I want to become
  32. I know what needs to be done
  33. I am always moving forward
  34. I am successful because I finish what I start
  35. I face my fears and move through them
  36. I know exactly what I need to do to achieve the goals I have in life
  37. I have everything within me to achieve my goals
  38. I continually accomplish more each day
  39. I dare to act upon my hopes and dreams
  40. I can do hard things
  41. Every action I take increases my motivation
  42. I am fueled by getting things done
  43. I spend time on my goals everyday
  44. I do not procrastinate and complete my goals
  45. I know that the time to act is now
  46. I only spend energy on actions that empower
  47. I focus on the present
  48. I can do many productive things everyday
  49. I take charge of my life with positive action
  50. I know how to make a plan and stick to it
  51. I don’t waste time on things that don’t work
  52. My words and my actions are the same
  53. I honor my intentions with specific action
  54. If it needs to be done, I will do it
  55. I am capable of doing everything I need to do

Did you enjoy this list of affirmations? I hope you’ll use these can-do statements to make and keep goals that have meaning in your life.

Choose the ones that stand out the most to you and post them in a prominent place. As your circumstances change, you can switch them for what’s most applicable to that time.

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