Is There Uber In Ibiza In 2023?

Wondering If There Is Uber In Ibiza In 2023?

Unfortunately, there’s no Uber in Ibiza in 2023. 

While that might change in the future, you can read this article for a complete guide to taking taxis in Ibiza and how to get around the Island without Uber! 

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Is There Uber or Lyft in Ibiza 2023?

Unfortunately, there are no Uber or Lyft apps operating in Ibiza due to regulatory reasons. 

It seems like every year a new taxi app pops up and tries to replace Uber, but they never last or get bad reviews for being unreliable services. The most recent of which is TaxiClick, which only has 1 star on the app store. 

In the absence of taxi apps in Ibiza, your transportation options will be using a traditional taxi service, hiring a private chauffeur, or renting a car and driving yourself for your trip.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about getting around in Ibiza in the absence of Uber and other taxi apps!

Will My Resort in Ibiza Provide Free Airport Transfer

Most hotels and resorts in Ibiza provide airport transfer services, but I’ve never seen the service offered for free. 

How To Get From Ibiza Airport to your Hotel or the City Center

There’s a taxi rank at Ibiza Airport you can use to call a cab directly to your hotel or to the city center, but if you’re arriving on a flight with lots of other passengers there could be long wait times.

Taxis are typically the cheapest car-for-hire option in Ibiza, but the demand for taxis frequently outpaces supply – especially during peak hours. 

It’s easier to take a taxi from the airport Taxi Rank to your hotel when you arrive in Ibiza than it is to call a taxi from your hotel to the airport for departure. 

You can also arrange airport transportation through your hotel, but it’s usually pretty expensive. 

Taking Taxis in Ibiza

Ibiza is very old-fashioned in regards to taxis. Not only are there no taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, etc, but the most common way to call a cab is to go through your hotel concierge (and wait 30 minutes +), hail a cab from a Taxi Rank, or save numbers for taxi services and call them yourself. 

Ibiza is a very popular destination for luxury travel, and it’s not uncommon for someone to have their travel agent arrange a driving service for all of the cabs they will need for their trip ahead of time, or just hire a  Private Chauffeur Service. 

How do I order a taxi in Ibiza?

The easiest way to arrange a taxi in Ibiza is by going to any of the taxi ranks on the island. These taxi ranks are only found in the most popular tourist areas: at the airport, in city centers, and outside the most famous hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. 

If you’re not near a Taxi Rank you can also call for a taxi on your phone to come and pick you up. 

The most common taxi company in Ibiza is Radio Taxi, and they have different phone numbers based on which location you’re calling from. 

Is it easy to get taxis in Ibiza?

Yes and no – Ibiza is still recovering from the pandemic and there have been a ton of reports from travelers that there just aren’t enough taxi drivers on the island to meet demand right now. 

If you’re coming home from clubs and bars late at night, trying to call a cab to one of the more remote beaches, or just trying to travel during peak hours the shortage of taxis is especially apparent. 

There have been a few reports from travelers in Ibiza trying to call a cab back from a more remote beach club like Amante after a day in the sun, just to be left stranded by the lack of cabs in the area.

Are taxis expensive in Ibiza?

Ibiza is not generally considered a budget travel destination, and while taxis are usually metered and priced fairly, they will be a bit more expensive in Ibiza than in mainland Spain. 

Taxis hailed from taxi ranks are the cheapest mode of private transportation on the island, but they’re not the easiest to use, and there aren’t always enough taxis to go around. 

 Here are the current taxi fares 

Are taxis safe in Ibiza? 

Good news, taxis are very safe in Ibiza! While traveling in foreign countries always has its risks, taxis in Ibiza are very well regulated by the Spanish government and there have been few issues reported from tourists while taking them. 

What you need to know about taking a taxi in Ibiza

 Taxis in Ibiza cannot be hailed from the street! You need to hail a cab from an official Taxi Rank, using the TaxiClick app, or calling the taxi service on your phone.

 Tip: Sometimes if you’re more than 300 meters away from a taxi rank you can still hail taxis in Ibiza on the street. 

 Taxis will flash a green light when they’re free.

 Taxis in Ibiza are white.

 There’s a 5 Euro fee for calling a taxi from your phone instead of using a Taxi Rank. 

 Demand for taxis outpaces supply during the high season, and it’s pretty competitive to get a cab!

  Most taxis in Ibiza accept credit cards, but it’s not a guarantee – you can ask before getting in the car (but I would carry cash just in case!)

 Taxi fares are regulated by the government and there’s no need to negotiate. 

 Make sure your taxi driver turns the meter on at the start of your ride! 

All About the Ibiza DiscoBus 

I mentioned previously in this article that it’s very difficult to get a cab home from the clubs late at night – so how are partiers getting around? They take Ibiza’s famous DiscoBus! 

The Discobus operates during the high season from 12 AM – 6 AM and runs connections to all the top party spots. 

While the DiscoBus has a reputation for being loud, rowdy, and fun, it’s also extremely cheap (by Ibiza standards) at only around €3-5 per ride.

 Tip: Ibiza DiscoBus tickets are sometimes included with admission to a club, check your tickets! 

Is There Public Transportation in Ibiza?

Good news, there is public transportation in Ibiza! Ibiza has an extensive public bus network that travels between all the metropolitan hubs, popular resort areas, and main tourist attractions. 

Public buses in Ibiza all have air conditioning and run about every half hour during the daytime. 

Uber Alternatives in Ibiza

A bunch of different taxi apps has come and gone in Ibiza in recent years. Currently, the only taxi app still in operation on the island is TaxiClick, which has mixed reviews. 

Some people swear TaxiClick is the best way to get around in Ibiza, but it only has a 1-star (out of 5) review on the app store with lots of past users saying it’s unreliable. 

Do I Need a Car to Get Around in Ibiza? 

While Ibiza is a relatively easy place to drive in, it’s not always recommended for travelers to rent their own car because it’s a well-known party island. 

Drinking and driving never ever go together, but if you just want to do some sightseeing at your own pace and you’re not in Ibiza to party, renting a car is the best way to get around the island. 

Conclusion: Is There Uber In Ibiza?

Thank you for reading my article on how to get around in Ibiza! Just to recap, there unfortunately is no Uber or Lyft available on the island of Ibiza at the moment. 

Instead of using Uber, some travelers use the app ride-hailing TaxiClick, but it has mixed reviews on how reliable it is in Ibiza. 

Most travelers choose to use taxis in Ibiza since they’re very well-regulated by the Spanish government and easy to use. The problem with taxis is that demand is frequently higher than supply for taxis, and wait times are usually high. 

To get around the “lack of taxis” issue, you can  Pre-Arrange Your Airport Transportation and  Rent A Car and drive yourself during your time in Ibiza. 

I wouldn’t recommend renting a car and driving if you plan to go out partying because drinking and driving next mix. If you do want to go out at night to Ibiza’s clubs you can take the Ibiza DiscoBus that stops at various party spots on the island between midnight and 6 AM. 

If you’re on a budget and want to save money during your travels in Ibiza, you can always take the public bus which has AC and runs (roughly) every half hour during the day.