59 Lars Von Trier Quotes

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When I show a film at a festival, I am showing myself. Everything is at stake for me. – Lars Von Trier

Basically, I’m afraid of everything in life, except filmmaking. – Lars Von Trier

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I know that I cannot be with a person for three hours without saying at least ten things that would kill me. – Lars Von Trier

Only a fool does not fear actors, but you can’t beat them, and if you can’t beat them, join them, as they say. As I’ve got older I’ve become very interested in that part of the work. – Lars Von Trier

If people do not laugh it’s not comedy. – Lars Von Trier

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If you want to provoke, you should provoke someone who is stronger than you, otherwise you are misusing your power. – Lars Von Trier

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I’m not a woman! Let’s make that very clear! Oh I don’t know, maybe I am. I am an American woman. Or 65 percent of me is. – Lars Von Trier

I always do something that I’ve never done before. – Lars Von Trier

I’m happy that I’m alive. I feel like someone coming back from Vietnam, you know; I’m sure that later on I’ll start killing people in a square somewhere, but right now, I just feel happy to be alive. – Lars Von Trier

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I am a man who likes to control things, and if I can’t control them totally I will not control them at all. – Lars Von Trier


I’m having a vacation, and it’s so beautiful, and maybe I’ll never get another film idea in my life. – Lars Von Trier

A film has to be like a stone in the shoe. – Lars Von Trier

I am crazy about my own films. The films I’ve just made I’m crazy about them. But then I don’t see them for many years. It’s like when you get a new child you’re very crazy about this child but then after a few years you’re like, “what was its name again?” – Lars Von Trier

The risk is that you furnish the project with new suggestions to try and freshen it up; it’s not always beneficial. You risk betraying the original intention with the story, forgetting what it is you really want to portray. – Lars Von Trier

Provocative Lars Von Trier Quotes

I would say that I am a poor Christian; I’m not a believer. It was this idea very early in my life that life on Earth, nature or man could not be a creation of a merciful God. – Lars Von Trier

The secret ingredient to sex is love. – Lars Von Trier

I am crazy about time cuts. I have a theory that the audience tie everything together so they don’t see time cuts but the time cuts give us the possibility of jumping in time, which means a psychological evolution can be cut down. – Lars Von Trier

I am not very tough with raising my children, but you can argue that to be more tough will help your children. – Lars Von Trier

Funny Lars Von Trier Quotes

Perhaps the only difference between me and other people is that I’ve always demanded more from the sunset. – Lars Von Trier

I hope my films will never completely be without the ability to mark anybody. – Lars Von Trier

Perhaps the only difference between me and other people is that I’ve always demanded more from the sunset. – Lars Von Trier

Everything is going to hell, but we should smile all the way. – Lars Von Trier

In Conclusion…

Lars Von Trier is undoubtedly one of the greatest filmmakers and film directors of our time. From Melancholia to Nymphomaniac, Lars’ work, incredible storytelling and philosophical themes portrayed through his films offer us, viewers, a wild ride we hardly know what to expect from. If you’re curious to discover more of Lars Von Trier’s work, check out the following: