Popular Quotes and Sayings About Volkswagens

If you’re passionate about cars, esppecially Volkswagen, then you’ll like these quotes!
Volkswagen is a German vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front, known for their iconic Beetle, it is the flagship brand of the Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen Quotes and Sayings

Dorian Yates and I have nothing in common, physically speaking. He’s a Volkswagen; I’m a Porsche.
– Shawn Ray

I was in this restaurant and I asked for something herby. They gave me a Volkswagen with no driver. – Tim Vine

Its beyond him now. its time for you to do you own thing.” “My thing? my thing only worked if Grace was here to make it work. without Grace, i have an emotionally unbalanced wolf and a Volkswagen.
– Maggie Stiefvater

One more thing. I sold the mustang. Too conspicuous. Don’t get too excited, but I bought you a little something with the extra cash. I heard you’ve had your eye on a Volkswagen. The owner is dropping it by tomorrow. I paid for a full tank of gas, so make sure she delivers. – Becca Fitzpatrick

If you’re built like a freight train, you can’t drive around like a Volkswagen.
– Clark Gillies

The U.S. market has the highest priority for Volkswagen. – Martin Winterkorn

What good is a beautiful dame with a Rolls-Royce frame, and a Volkswagen brain? – J-R

The Volkswagen Group has proved that it can remain firmly on track even when the terrain is slippery. – Martin Winterkorn

I drove around in a Volkswagen Rabbit I shared with one of my roommates, and it didn’t have a roof. It doesn’t rain much in L.A., but when it did, it was utterly miserable. – Jon Hamm