Shocking Things People Encounter When Visiting Italy For The First Time!

Italians Don’t Necessarily Follow The Rules

People cutting the line , jaywalking etc.

Roman suburbs are dirty.

The Streets Can Get Very Crowded

Crowded streets : I visited Naples and street of maradona was whooping crowded and there was no place to stand

There Is Too Much History To Handle

Italy is full of history. Rome has amazing history. Literally most things you see dates back to 60–70 AD. It has been preserved in a amazing way

The Food Is Incredible And Note Expensive

Pepperoni and Bolognese do not exist

Peperoni are actually the Italian name for Bell Peppers and Bolognese sauce is actually Ragu (which incidentally comes from Bologna). You might get lucky and someone will agree to put Salame on your pizza but no Pepperoni. Then again we have so many delicious flavours you won’t miss it. Other that that, Italian elevate ‘winging it’ to an art form, so not much planning, enjoy and go with the flow.

The Weather In Italy Is Awesome

7) Weather: Italy was a part of my 12 days- 6 country expedition. I spend my Christmas in Estonia and Finland where temperature never rose beyond -8. I wasn’t expecting the weather in italy to be so great that would let me ditch my jacket in December. Surprisingly it was around 18 degrees.

The Views In Italy Are Incredible

8) Breathtaking view: it was so beautiful although I couldn’t see my dream places with nature like amalfi , Tuscany, Sicily.

This trip I covered Pisa , Florence, Naples and Rome.

fell in love with every city especially Florence

People Love Living The Slow Paced Life

9) people love to find pleasure in slow paced life. You can spend hours in a coffee shop and enjoy nothingness. Its a beautiful thing. Italians call it “dolce far niente” which means sweetness of doing nothing or pleasant idealness.

No Cappuccino Before 10:30 AM

Cappuccino is not to be consumed after 10:30, it’s a breakfast beverage not for meals or after it.

Italians Are Excellent Drivers

we have very good reflexes mostly being used to having to deal with clueless people wandering in the middle of the road looking up at monuments, pay attention or you will get scared. Also be aggressive crossing the street, if you hesitate, they won’t stop. As I said , very good reflexes so you won’t be ran over.

Italians Are Very Animated in Conversations

this is how we normally communicate, it doesn’t mean we are having a fight. I remember how shocked my husband was at that.