45 Triathlon Quotes To Boost Motivation

A triathlon is a sporting event that involves swimming, cycling, and running in one go one after the other.

The World Triathlon Corporation organizes a triathlon that is known as the ironman triathlon. The length of races in such a triathlon is 2.4-mile for swimming, 112-mile for bike riding, and a 26.2-mile for the run.

It takes one entire day to complete an ironman triathlon. Keep these ironman inspirational quotes and ironman motivation quotes in mind to acknowledge your hard work. A regular triathlon can be done faster and with a little less training and is also a great achievement. Triathlon sayings will pump you up to double your hard work and efforts of training.

If you are participating in a triathlon, you need tons of inspiration to prepare and keep up the spirit all time. For that, we have encompassed a list of triathlon quotes and words of encouragement for triathlon that will cheer and excite your spirit. You may also want to read [swimming quotes] and [biking quotes] for some more sporting motivation.

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